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Why Udupi makes a good choice?

Udupi is a land of ethereal beauty, a pilgrimage place due to presence of Sri Krishna Matt.
Udupi district, which is amidst the vast greenery is often the place preferred by nature lovers. It is equally true that this district is a unique spiritual centre for devotees and optimists alike. It acclaimed for its captivating temples, holy places is also lauded by tourists and nature lovers for its bountiful places for rejoicing. The district abounds in Temples, Churches, Masjids, Jain monuments, the charming beaches, historical places, cultural, protected forests and water falls.

Best time to visit Udupi

Monsoon is the season which is also considered as the best time to visit Udupi as people can get greenery all around. September month receives an average rainfall with heavy wind. This season starts from June and ends in September. Winters are chilly and also the most preferable season to roam in and around the city. December to February is the duration of winter where temperature ranges from 10°C to 32°C. Best Season to visit Udupi is winter as you will experience a pleasant atmosphere.

Nature of Udupi

Udupi district, which stands as a symbol for temple and cultural tradition, is a small district comprising three taluks. On the west it is bounded by the roaring sea and to its east reclines the dense green Sahyadri mountain ranges. The district is blessed with a fairly 100 km long beautiful coastline. The river Sauparnika flows glutted with water towards the right, while, the sea roaring on the left looks as though kissing the beach.

Adventure activities in Udupi

The Malpe Beach has a pleasant weather and clean white sand which makes it ideal for a variety of water sports activities. It is a hidden treasure that lies in the State of Karnataka. The beach attracts water lovers to explore this virgin beach and indulge in some exciting activities like Jet Ski or Water Scooter Rides, Parasailing, Banana Rides, Speed Boat Rides, Bumpi Rides, Speed Boat Cruise to St. Mary’s Island, Surfing, Trekking, White River Rafting, Rock Climbing, Kayaking and Rappelling.