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Why Thimphu makes a good choice?

Thimphu offers a mix of ancient traditions and modern commercialism.
An abundance of strikingly decorated and architecturally notable Buddhist sites represent the top attractions in Thimphu, though these revered monasteries, temples, and statues have been balanced out in recent years with a number of modern cafes, restaurants, and clubs. The idiosyncratic folk culture of the nation with its singular dress code, music, art, and dance can be discovered at a wealth of museums, performance spaces, and markets.

Best time to visit Thimphu

The best time to visit is thus the warmer months of summer, from March to May. Thimphu also receives a lot of rainfall during the monsoon reason from late May to August and can be disruptive for travel. Another window before Winter is autumn or fall, from September to November and is also a busy tourist season. The month of September marks the beginning of autumn in Thimphu and is considered one of the best times to visit the city.

Nature of Thimphu

Thimphu combines a natural small-town feel with a new commercial exuberance that constantly challenges the country's natural conservatism and Shangri La image. Thimphu is stunningly beautiful and photogenic. Thimphu is a conglomeration of a number of stunning hamlets spread over a beautiful valley. The hamlets are Motithang, Langchupakha and Changlimithang and there is endless scope for Nature exploration in these regions.

Adventure activities in Thimphu

rekking on the rocky terrains and mountain trails and valleys are the biggest attractions in Thimphu. There are diverse trekking routes that adventurers head to from Thimphu and enjoy memorable journeys on feet. Also have activities like Rafting and Kayaking, Rock Climbing, Cycling, Biking, Camping with Wilderness. On treks through remote trails and visits to Thimphu, nature lovers, photographers, and culture junkies will uncover a purity of culture.