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Why South Korea makes a good choice?

A nation ripe with cultural, historical, and natural tourist attractions.
South Korea has a plethora of interesting sights. Aside from the obvious attractions, including mega-city Seoul, the country offers wide open spaces boasting incredible natural beauty characterized by rock formations, green pastures, and dense forest. On the whole, the country has had a rich history, where various rulers and kingdoms have dominated throughout the ages.

Best time to visit South Korea

The best time to visit South Korea. South Korea has four distinct seasons. The summer period from June to August sees hot and humid weather whereas winter, from December to February, is icy cold and dry. Autumn and spring are thought to be the best times to visit as they offer warm, sunny days with clear blue skies. During the spring, which falls between April and June, the country is painted pink by the abundant cherry blossoms that decorate South Korea’s green spaces.

Why South Korea is still the most popular Honeymoon destination?

Explore idyllic scenic mountains, swim under tiered waterfalls, white-sand beaches, learn the extensive cultural heritage, embark on hike trails. It is a national passion for hiking in the beautiful National Parks, South Korea's attractions are definitely unique, with the visits famous De-militarized Zone probably topping the list for most. Explore Korea's beautiful nature with your partner. Go on a fairytale excursion at Korea's exhilarating theme park.

Adventure activities in South Korea

South Korea is a place that revels in the great outdoors and adventures. Whether it's windsurfing on the Hangang River, hiking the rugged peaks of Bukhansan National Park, or simply strolling through your neighborhood, there is always something to do outside, regardless of the season. Also there are adventures activities like Bungee Jump, Zipline to Nami Island, Rail-bike, Paraglide, Cycling, Camping, Hiking - any time of year in fact is the good old-fashioned hike.