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Why South Africa makes a good choice ?

South Africa remains one of the most enthralling destinations for travellers from all over the world.
The seemingly endless numbers of natural parks, beautiful mountains and lunar-like landscapes vigilantly carved by nature. The country is simply one of African continent's most fascinating cultural gems, teeming with historic remains, archaeological heritage.

Best time to visit South Africa

It will come as no surprise to learn that South Africa’s weather is also remarkably diverse. In the north you’ll find stark desert conditions and dramatic variations in temperature – except when you’re on the tropical coastline. Remarkably, in the south of the country, the Garden Route is officially one the world’s most temperate climates. South Africa is a year-round destination, with the weather rarely becoming uncomfortable or challenging.

Best of South Africa

There is absolutely no doubt South Africa is blessed with spectacular natural beauty, a fantastic climate and diversely interesting regions with diverse cultures. It is bordered by Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Mozambique and itself surrounds two independent countries, Swaziland and Lesotho. To say that South Africa is a virtual paradise is a true statement. The coastline is part of both the Atlantic and Indian Oceans.

South Africa Safaris

South Africa revels in its diversity: a place where untamed wilderness meets lavish comfort, and a ‘Rainbow Nation’ of cultures rolls out a stunning variety of welcomes. From iconic safari lodges and breathtaking beaches, to sparkling coastal cities and world-class vineyards, South Africa really does have it all. At the same time, South Africa is shaped by a remarkable unity, a collective identity that leaves an indelible mark on all who visit.