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Why Slovakia makes a good choice?

Slovakia, in Central Europe - Known for its spas and geothermal waters.
A vibrant mix of leisurely cafe culture and winding streets, and picture-perfect towns with rugged castles, Gothic churches, and sprawling lush forests. Nature lovers can explore the country’s nine national parks, the Tatra mountain range, the refreshingly clear rivers, and the hundreds of caves complete with stalagmites hanging from above.

Best time to visit Slovakia

The best time to visit Slovakia for warmer weather is from April to October. Bratislava is generally a year-round destination. In general, the climate is continental, fairly hot summers and chilly winters. Spring can be the best time to visit, as the days tend to warm quickly, with consistently pleasant, mild weather for most of May. This is also the blossom season, when the fruit trees that line so many Slovak roads are in full flower. Autumn is also recommended, with clear and settled weather often lasting for days on end in September and October.

Why Slovakia is still the most popular Honeymoon destination?

The mere number of castles in Slovakia alone is enough to make a honeymoon bloom with romance. Slovakia is the central European country with a beautiful old towns, sprawling castles and breathtaking natural landscape. A visit to Slovakia will not be complete without a visit to Bratislava, the capital city famously known for the Bratislava Castle that stands prominently on a hill overlooking the renowned Danube River. Your travel experience in Slovakia will definitely be unique and unforgettable.

Nature of Slovakia

Discover Slovak nature. Nine national parks. Majestic peaks, deep valleys and mysterious gorges. Large forests which are full of life. The Carpathians, the home of wolves, bears, lynx and chamois. The largest karst area in Central Europe with more than 6,200 caves and chasms. Crystal clear glacial lakes, peaceful lowland rivers, a paradise for birds, the blue surfaces of water reservoirs. Sand dunes and pine forests, natural travertine, formations created by volcanic activity. Unbelievable diversity in such a small area.