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Why Shimla makes a good choice?

Shimla, its lush greenery, pleasant climate, and snow-clad hills.
This scenic town provides many things to do in Shimla to both enjoy the picturesque surroundings and indulge in the adventure pursuits. The rugged mountainous terrain, snowfall, tranquil and picturesque setting make Shimla an ideal destination for camping. Shimla is a small city set at the foot of the Himalayas. This quaint town is located at a narrow border which encompasses a variety of cultures from different eras and is unique compared to the rest of the country.

Best time to visit Shimla

Shimla is a year-round destination. The best time to visit Shimla is December – February, especially for those who wish to enjoy the snow. One can go skiing and ice-skating during this period. March to June summers in Shimla are pleasant and perfect for trekking, camping, and rafting. October to February winters in Shimla are popular for snowfall and snow activities. However, due to heavy rainfall and the high possibility of landslides, it must be avoided during the monsoon season July to September.

Why Shimla is still the most popular Honeymoon destination?

The romantic weather and beautiful landscape of this place will perfectly compliment your celebratory mood. This hill station is an ideal hill station for couples to spend their lovable time. A noise and pollution free environment with calm surroundings renders Shimla as a perfect honeymoon hotspot. Colonial style buildings alongside the historic temples leave a deep impression.

Adventure activities in Shimla

Shimla is blessed with pine trees, small rivulets, river in deep gorges and enchanting mountain lakes. Discover the fun and thrill as you try variety of sports. Shimla is the perfect place for a wide range of adventure. enjoy the stunning surroundings but also indulge in some exciting activities like ice skating, river rafting, skiing, Paragliding, Camping, Mountain Biking, golfing etc. In Shimla you can experience the fun in a completely different way.