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Why Serbia makes a good choice?

Lively urban attractions, calm and peaceful towns and villages that dot the magnificent countryside.
Aside from a wealth of cultural and historic relics to enjoy, there is also a swinging cafe and bar scene as well as throbbing nightlife and some of arguably the world’s best music festivals. It’s where Eastern culture meets Western culture, where medieval cities with imposing fortresses and ancient monasteries ooze charm. The country has some pretty darned good skiing, too.

Best time to visit Serbia

Best time to visit Serbia. Serbia can do serious snow, and it is usually around April that the meltdown begins. And so the best time to visit Serbia is usually from around Easter onwards, with risks of rain as late as June. If you want to go hiking, and when you see the scenery here you will, then the higher peaks are more accessible later on in the summer. The wine is accessible all year round, but come in October for harvest fun.

Why Serbia is still the most popular Honeymoon destination?

Serbia is a charming country that is located along the Balkan peninsula. It has a myriad of romantic things to do for the couple. The honeymooners can explore the stunning historic architecture of the cities such as Belgrade and Novi Sad, or enjoy a winter ski vacation in the South. To the north’s plateau region, the couple would enjoy the exclusivity of nature there too.

Adventure activities in Serbia

Whilst Serbia is steadily developing a reputation as a cycling and hiking destination, offering top experiences like the Danube Bike Trail, these activities represent only a small sample of the adventures an adrenaline junkie can expect to find. Serbia's undiscovered wild spaces to thrill-seekers in search of new places to experience fast-paced adventures like free climbing, rafting, caving, skydiving and paragliding.