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Why Portugal makes a good choice?

Portugal is a small country that faces the Atlantic coast of the Iberian Peninsula.
Because of its beautiful coastline and historical heritage, it is one of the most visited countries in Europe. Its smaller size makes it easier to get around and see more places than say neighboring Spain in the same amount of time. The temperate climate makes it a year-round vacation destination.

Best time to visit Portugal

The best time to visit Lisbon is either from March to May or September to October, because the weather is still warm, hotel rates are cheaper and there are fewer crowds than in summer. In those seasons, you might also be able to squeeze in a few beach days. The summer sees hot temperatures and crowded shores. In July and especially August (the Portuguese holiday month), the coastal resorts are at their busiest and prices reach their peak, worth bearing in mind when thinking about the best time to visit.

Why Portugal is still the most popular Honeymoon destination?

This country is replete with long coastline, idyllic towns and stunning natural views. There is simply so much to experience in this country that newlyweds and couples on a romantic getaway, might never want to leave. From villages that ooze history to castles that tell tales of kings and queens, this country invites love-struck couples with open arms. A visit to towns like Castelo Mendo, Linhares da Beira, Sortelha and Monsanto.

Adventure activities in Portugal

With its rugged sea-cliffs, legendary surf breaks and mountainous interior, Portugal is a dream destination for adventure seekers. From shredding the slopes to jumping out of planes, these are the best adventure activities in Portugal like Zip-Lining, Kayaking, Skydive, Surfing The World’s Best Waves, Riding The Costa Azul, Water Touch Bungy Jumping, Mountain Biking In The Lousa Mountains, Ski In The Serra de Estrela.