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Why Paro makes a good choice?

It is a town of historic importance with many sacred religious sites and historical buildings.
Situated in the only carbon negative country in the world, there is no doubt that you are going to get a sheer experience of nature’s serenity at its best. Located in the backdrop of a range of mountains and nestling in the lap of one of the best landscape views in the world, indeed an epitome of heaven on earth.

Best time to visit Paro

Ideal time to visit the city of Paro is during the months of September up until November. In this season the skies are clear as well as the sun is shining, with that the maximum temperature experienced over this time is hardly 20 degree Celsius. This is also the best season for Paro Bhutan sightseeing as you can enjoy a bit of skiing as well as trekking. It is also advisable for the tourists to carry an umbrella along as there are possibilities of heavy rain showers sometimes.

Nature of Paro

Casting aside Western influences and creating fresh trails that burst with vibrancy and spirituality, majestically framed by the Eastern Himalayas and inundated with Buddhist culture and untarnished tradition. With its rich cultural heritage, religious history, stunning landscapes and unique Bhutanese ways of life. Sightseeing of Paro, Panoramic views of the Himalayan mountain, Chimi Lhakhang Temple, Shopping, Visit Trongsa Dzong fortress, Taktsang monastery.

Adventure activities in Paro

Paro is a quaint little town in Bhutan situated on the banks of Paro Chhu. Enjoy rafting adventures and camp in the scenic valleys of Punakha, located by the Mo Chu River. Paro town is situated at the backdrop of magnanimous mountains with a crystalline river that meanders down the valley. Paro is the hub for adventure activities in Bhutan, ranging from trekking, mountain biking, to rafting and kayaking & Hiking.