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Why Norway makes a good choice?

An incredible mix of cultural and natural wonders, endless snow-capped mountain peaks.
This land of the summer midnight sun, however, offers much more than that, including picturesque waterfronts, well-preserved wooden churches and great hiking trails. Quaint medieval towns, filled with modern amenities, are just waiting to be explored. Norway is also rich in spectacular scenery, from its stunning fjords to its spectacular mountains and glaciers.

Best time to visit Norway

The best time to visit Norway depends on what you want to do. Jun-Aug promise long days and the fabled midnight sun ideal for hiking, cycling or cruising – even it won't be cold. May and Sep offer mild temperatures, fewer crowds and gorgeous natural colours. June, July and August are certainly the best months to go to Norway in terms of temperatures and daylight hours although prices will be at a premium as will midges. March is the best time to go to Norway.

Why Norway is still the most popular Honeymoon destination?

Journey abound on the Norway Honeymoon moves you to Norway, part of the Scandinavian Peninsula and land-bound in the east with Sweden and Russia, and in the north with Finland. In the south, it has the Skagerrak Strait. Famous for its fjords, it faces the North Atlantic Ocean as well as the Barents Sea. The capital of Norway is Oslo. The famed natural phenomena of the midnight sun can be experienced in the northern part of Norway.

Adventure activities in Norway

There’s no reason to stay indoors when you're in Norway. Find fun things to do, whether you are visiting the coast, the mountains, or somewhere in between.Skiing like a Norwegian can be deeply rooted in traditions and rituals. Take part in the thriving surf scene in Norway and enjoy arctic adventures, rough nature, and uncrowded waves. It’s not for the faint of heart, but rafting will give you the kind of spine-tingling thrills that only close encounters with nature can produce.