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Why Nicaragua makes a good choice?

Nicaragua is abundantly blessed with vast freshwater lakes.
Imposing volcanoes, deep river canyons, bird-friendly cloud forests, picture-postcard Caribbean islands, forgotten fortresses, world-class surf beaches, and huge parks protecting amazing biodiversity. With its natural beauty and old-fashioned charm that neither tourism nor internal strife has ruined. It’s a low-key, slow-moving Latin American culture, known for its remote, pristine beaches — along with the excitement of colonial towns such as Leon and Granada.

Best time to visit Nicaragua

Nicaragua is a destination that can be enjoyed almost year-round, with only September and October to be avoided. The country’s dry season runs from November through to May, and sees plenty of sunny days and warm sunshine in the majority of the country, with the exception of the Caribbean coastline, where you may experience a tropical shower at any time of year. Nicaragua’s wet season officially begins at the end of May, but it is still possible to enjoy the country’s many beautiful attractions with minimal disruption right through until the end of August.

Why Nicaragua is still the most popular Honeymoon destination?

Nicaragua is home to blissful beaches, romantic adventures within volcanic landscapes and the chance to step back in time surrounded by striking colonial architecture. Nicaragua’s Corn Islands are a slice of Jamaica in Nicaragua. Little Corn Island has beautiful coral reefs and a very relaxed life style. For snorkeling and diving the islands are excellent and though there are deeper waters off. It is the ultimate barefoot luxury destination, and the beaches are the perfect place to spend with your partner.

Adventure activities in Nicaragua

There are vast and varied adventures one can have in Nicaragua. With its abundance of volcanoes, sunny coastlines, rich historic cities, exotic wildlife, and enchanting cloud forests there is bound to be something for everyone. You can also experience a zip line adventure on a cloud forest volcanoe and glide over large coffee plantation fields. Kayaking through the water canals formed by the hundreds of little volcanic islands. Scuba diving and snorkeling is generally done on the Caribbean islands of Big Corn and Little Corn Island.