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Why Netherlands makes a good choice ?

The country's vibrant capital with its great museums and art galleries.
There are many charming towns and villages in this small yet fascinating country to explore. And because the country is so flat, it's extremely easy to do at least a little sightseeing the Dutch way: by bicycle. Many communities actively encourage the use of pedal-power and provide bikes to explore the sights.

Best time to visit Netherlands

The Netherlands enjoys a temperate climate, with relatively mild summers and moderately cold winters. The best time to visit, if you’d like to see the country’s tulips in bloom, is roughly mid-March to mid-May. Generally speaking, temperatures rise the further south you go. This is offset by the prevailing westerlies that sweep in from the North Sea, making the wetter coastal provinces both warmer in winter and colder in summer than the eastern provinces, where the more severe climate of continental Europe has an influence.

Nature of Netherlands

The most beautiful natural landscapes of the Netherlands offer a stunning flora and fauna and are moreover an oasis of calm. For a relatively small country, the Netherlands boasts a rich variety of nature. The largest national park is De Hoge Veluwe, which is best explored on one of its thousand free-to-use white bikes. The Wadden Sea is the largest coastal tidal wetland in Europe and on the World Heritage List. You can walk across the sea floor with a guided tour. However, the beaches of Zeeland, the hills of Limburg, the Brabant Sahara.

Adventure activities in Netherlands

find the beach of Zandvoort aan Zee. This beach is very popular during summer, mostly because of its large amount of beach clubs. Some of these beach clubs give you the opportunity to learn how to surf. This can be either regular surfing, or kitesurfing. Since the waves are not that high, it is a very nice sea to get started with surfing. Another great thing about the beaches in the Dutch lands are the sunsets, this beach is a perfect one for that. On clear days, you will be able to see the beaches of IJmuiden and Noordwijk aan Zee.