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Why Nepal makes a good choice?

Located between the majestic Himalaya Mountains and the fascinating Indian jungles.
Nepal is a land where things like yaks, yetis, mountain peaks and hidden monasteries appear to be seemingly common. Nepal is full of opportunities, not only those that deal with adventure but in every aspect, right from pilgrimage to sightseeing. Trekkers will find a variety of option. Nepal can be an adrenaline adventure, a cultural eye opener, or a life-changing experience.

Best time to visit Nepal

As the monsoon dissipates in September, Nepal welcomes beautiful clear skies, fresh air and incredible views. October and November are two of the best months to visit as dry days make trekking easier and offer good visibility. The verdant landscapes following the rains are ideal for photographers. Between October and December is the best time to visit Nepal as the skies are generally clear and the views spectacular. Late spring is a beautiful time to travel as the rhododendrons burst into bloom.

Why Nepal is still the most popular Honeymoon destination?

Nepal is a beautiful country that lies in the midst of the mighty Himalayas. Visit this beautiful and exquisite city that has a lot to offer in terms of scenic beauty, monuments, mountain ranges, or beautiful gardens in the heart of the city. Nepal is a place that provides outdoor activities on land, air, and water. It offers to indulge in interesting activities such as hiking and camping at Nagarkot with a perfect view of sunrise, river-rafting and paragliding in Pokhara.

Adventure activities in Nepal

Nepal is Land-locked between the sizeable countries of India and China and it is often easily overlooked. Known for its stunning mountainous regions and unique trekking trails, Nepal offers all this and more with its jungle landscapes, medieval cities, and sacred sites. The Himalayas are a mountainous playground for trekking enthusiasts, mountaineers and of course ice-climbers, Trekking Mount Everest, Bungee Jumping & Canyon Swing, Jungle Safari, Ultra-light Flying, Zip Flyer & Sky Dive.