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Why Mysore makes a good choice?

The Hoysala-style architecture stand cheek by jowl with post-modern steel and glass structures.
The Nilgiri mountain range steps down to the Chamundi Hills, that holds under its shadow the cultural capital of Karnataka â Mysore. It is the state's second largest city. The city beautiful of palaces, museums and gardens fuses seamlessly with its fast developing status of a giant IT hub.

Best time to visit Mysore

There are minimum fluctuations in the temperature around the year. Best time to visit Mysore is between the months of July and March. October to February: This is one of the best times of the year to visit Mysore because the weather is cool with temperature dipping to a minimum of 10°C. December is considered to be the coldest month with the temperature dipping in the evenings. June to September: Monsoon months in Mysore experience medium to heavy rains and this is a beautiful time to witness the lush green surroundings.

Why Mysore is still the most popular Honeymoon destination?

Located in the southwest region of the Indian peninsula, it is gifted with stunning scenic views, vibrant wildlife and a rich cultural heritage. The romantic weather here adds a cherry on the top, and makes Mysore honeymoon holidays a great experience. Visit the grand Mysore Palace, charming Brindavan Gardens, picturesque Karanji Lake and interesting Mysore Zoo and many more places to ensure that you have a memorable trip with your spouse.

Adventure activities in Mysore

Enjoy a horseback trip through rural Mysore, which will take you through the Lalith Mahal Palace. There is a wide range of outdoor activities in Mysore ranging from hang gliding and bungee jumping among others. Some of the clubs and academies who offer adventure activities in Mysore are Outback Adventures Club. Two of the popular adventure clubs are Outback Adventures and IAMAS. Tehse academies organize adventure activities at various nearby places like in rafting on Kaveri River in Pandavapura Taluk at Shivanasamudra.