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Why Montenegro makes a good choice?

Montenegro’s stunning natural beauty and diverse history make it a fascinating place to explore.
Jaw-dropping scenery around every corner, remnants of vanquished kingdoms and trendy underground destinations mean this tiny country packs a mighty punch for its size. Gorgeous beaches, verdant mountains and postcard-perfect historic towns.

Best time to visit Montenegro

Hence June and September are the optimum months for a visit, when the weather is still reliably hot and there's far less pressure on facilities. It’s a small country, and so if you want to choose the best time to go to Montenegro, particularly the coast, we would recommend outside the months of June and July. As the beaches are somewhat brimming. White water rafting doesn’t really kick in until May, as the snow melt in the mountains means that the rivers are too strong before then.

Why Montenegro is still the most popular Honeymoon destination?

Montenegro is one of the lesser known jewels of Europe. It has an eclectic landscape of rugged mountains, cliffs, mystical forests and timeless beaches. Get in quick, before the rest of the world finds out about this treasure. On a serene stretch of the Mediterranean, Montenegro has an almost ethereal feel about it. Its open natural spaces are dotted with evergreen trees and historic architecture, while quaint towns centre around picturesque views where you can enjoy.

Adventure activities in Montenegro

Discover its magnificent places, sea coast and mountains by sea kayaking, snorkelling, white water rafting, or to explore our mountains. The main reason is that rafting offers the very best views of the Tara Canyon, a spectacular and remote cleft which cuts through Durmitor National Park in Montenegro’s mountainous north. Both the Bay of Kotor and Lake Skadar are brilliant locations for a paddle, and it’s not difficult to hire a kayak at either.