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Why Mongolia makes a good choice?

Mongolia is a diverse land with many beautiful places to discover.
Mongolia is an amazing country to travel around in, due to its fantastic landscapes and total otherworldliness. Even in booming Ulaanbaatar, you’ll find that the city stands poised on the edge between East and West. Though it is the least densely populated country on the planet, Mongolia is a vast country with so much to see.

Best time to visit Mongolia

Winters are long and cold and temperatures can drop as low as minus 40°C (-40°F), so the best time to visit is in summer (June to August). Tourism peaks in July and August, when prices are higher, so booking early is advisable. If want to go when Mongolia is quieter, consider visiting in May, September or October. June weather is good and usually dry throughout the central and southern regions. The mountains and northern areas can be cold.

Nature of Mongolia

Mongolia is one of the rich natural countries in the world. Because there are 7 natural zones: such as High Mountain Zone, Taiga Forest Zone, Mountain Forest Steppe Zone, Steppe Zone, Desert-Steppe Zone, Gobi Desert Zone, Wetlands. Mongolian terms, 5% is at such high altitude as to endure extreme condition. The attractive landscape has a high biological diversity, home to Roe Deer, Elk, Wolf, Red Fox, and Tolai Hare, Siberian marmot.

Adventure activities in Mongolia

The rugged landscape of the least densely populated country in the world, Mongolia, is the perfect adventure destination for the traveler who seeks a glimpse into a different culture. Adventure activities like Small-Group Horseback Riding Day Tour, Tour of National Parks From Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia Gobi Desert Tour, Day Tour of Hustai National Park, Baga Khentiy Mountain Biking Day tour, Tour of Gun-Galuut Nature Reserve.