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Why Leh Ladakh makes a good choice?

Ladakh, the Land of High Passes, wins hearts with its simplicity and rugged natural beauty.
Spectacular landscapes, enfolded by serrated mountains, give the region its unique character. Largely influenced by Buddhism, Ladakh is home to numerous ornate monasteries. The pristine natural heritage of this fabled realm can be seen in its picturesque lakes, unspoilt by human civilisation. Showcasing an exotic character and cloaked in a transcendental aura, Ladakh is a destination, which is gaining immense popularity among globetrotters.

Best time to visit Leh Ladakh

Best timw to visit Leh Ladakh are between June and August when summer is at its full bloom and snow has melted. April marks the beginning of tourist season in Ladakh when the place begins to warm up with tourist activity. August to Mid-September the monsoons are in full swing and rivers, puddle and water crossings are full with flow. Mid-September to Mid-October is one of the best seasons of all for visiting the amazing and picturesque locations of Leh and Ladakh as the place is imbued in wonderful colors in all their glory.

Why Leh Ladakh is still the most popular Honeymoon destination?

The romantic weather and beautiful landscape of this place will perfectly compliment your celebratory mood. You can visit the beautiful tourist attractions and enjoy quality time with your better half in Ladakh. In April, travellers are likely to witness frozen lakes and snow clad peaks, since the winters just start receding from this month. July to August is the monsoon season in Ladakh, when heavy rains can be expected.

Adventure activities in Leh Ladakh

Adventure in this Trans-Himalayan region of India has its own taste and meaning. Leh Ladakh is blessed by high altitude ranges, massive lakes, scenic trails, deep valleys and high passes. These nature’s creations set up a platform for a great variety of adrenaline pumping action. Numerous adventure sports can be enjoyed in this region like mountaineering, cycling, trekking, and river rafting are a common sight in Leh Ladakh. Most of tourist travel to Ladakh for scaling its rugged landscapes on foot.