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Why Jordan makes a good choice?

An offbeat destination with Israel to its west and Saudi Arabia & Iraq to its east.
Jordan occupies one great cut-out of the Arabian Peninsula. Sandwiched between the more tumultuous nations of contested Israel, Iraq and Syria, it’s long been considered one of the rare stable enclaves of the region. The geological wonder of the Dead Sea is one of the must-do tourist attractions in the Middle East.

Best time to visit Jordan

Jordan is a year-round destination. For cooler temperatures in the high teens, the best time to visit Jordan is March-May. Amman reaches a comfortable 32°C between June and September, while nights can drop below freezing from December to February. The beaches of Aqaba and the salty Dead Sea touch 40°C in July. In winter (roughly Dec–Feb), Amman can be desperately chilly, with biting winds sweeping through the valleys, rain showers and even snowfall.

Why Jordan is still the most popular Honeymoon destination?

It is a perfect place with ancient monuments, adventure activities, desert valley and romantic places for a stay. There are a lot of beautiful places to visit in Jordan for honeymooners. Petra, Amman, Wadi Rum, Aqaba, Dead Sea and Jerash are some the best attractions in Jordan that one must explore. Float at the Dead Sea, relax in Ajloun, a romantic candle lit escape in Feynan, tour the wonderful city of Petra, camp in Wadi Rum and explore the wonders of Amman.

Adventure activities in Jordan

Watersports are adventurous, explore the beauty of the sub-marine life and explore the shipwrecks, Snorkeling and scuba diving in Aqaba, Hiking through Dana Biosphere Reserve, Driving on the King’s Highway, Rock Climbing in Wadi Rum, Canyoning through a deep gorge, Hiking through a maze of archaeological structures, Camel Racing and Horse Riding, Night Walks in vast wilderness, Trekking through spectacular trails, Snorkel, Dive and Dance with the fish in Jordan.