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Why Indonesia makes a good choice?

With significant cultural and geological diversity, with 18,110 islands.
Gathering hundreds of cultures and ethnic groups into one, Indonesia is blessed with countless awe-inspiring attractions, from natural beauty to flourishing wildlife, ancient traditions to colonial ruins. Indonesia offers an adventure for everyone, from exploring ancient temples and hiking active volcanoes to diving in largely untouched waters.

Best time to visit Indonesia

Indonesia is a summer destination, best visited between April and October when the weather’s perfect for island hopping, snorkelling and beach relaxation. Wet season is between October & April, with rainfall occurring in short. There are some regional exceptions and north Sulawesi experiences some rain in June & July. Temperatures remain fairly constant year round with averages of 28°C throughout the region.

Why Indonesia is still the most popular Honeymoon destination?

With dense forests, captivating white beaches, blue sea waters, and unexplored mountains, Indonesia is like a paradise for honeymooners. Apart from the natural beauty of this wonderful country, honeymooners are sure to fall in love with the colonial dwellings, ancient sites of religious importance, coral cays and reefs, unique wildlife species and gorgeous beaches.

Adventure activities in Indonesia

Indonesia is a beach lover’s paradise. With white-sand beaches, turquoise seas, and lush green forests & more than 18,000 islands and it have various adventure activities like Diving in Komodo National Park, Trekking Through the Lush Jungles of Sumatra, Surfing Indonesia’s Gnarly Waves, Witnessing the Sunrise over Mount Bromo, Scuba Diving in Wakatobi, Bat Watching over Kalong Island, Ayung River Rafting in Ubud.