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Why Himachal Pradesh makes a good choice?

Himachal Pradesh, the land of scenic hill stations.
With the beautiful hills of Shimla, rich flora and fauna of Manali, Pine and Deodar forest of Kullu and the gardens of Chandigarh. Explore picturesque hill stations, gushing waterfalls, abundant wildlife, emerald lakes, Trans Himalayan treks, snowcapped mountains and the barren beauty of Himalayas.

Best time to visit Himachal Pradesh

The climate conditions stay pleasant all year long in Himachal Pradesh, except some towns which face extreme weather condition. But the state receives maximum tourists and travelers during summers. This is not just a vacation period for the Indians, but its pleasant weather surely proves to be a savior from melting heat of the neighboring states. Summers is considered the best time to visit Himachal Pradesh. which starts from the month of March and ends in June. This time is perfect for you especially if you are living in the places with scorching summer. Here, summer is pleasant and welcoming.

Why Himachal Pradesh is still the most popular Honeymoon destination?

Himachal Pradesh, the land of scenic hill stations, is an interesting honeymoon destination seeking for a peaceful place with abundant scenic beauty. With the beautiful hills of Shimla, rich flora and fauna of Manali, Pine and Deodar forest of Kullu and the gardens of Chandigarh altogether make Himachal perfect for honeymooners. The scenic beauty, pleasant climate, and the romantic setting in the hills make Himachal a perfect destination for honeymooners.

Adventure activities in Himachal Pradesh

WHimachal Pradesh offers a wide range of sports activities for adventure lovers. The diverse landscape and difficult terrain is a delight for adrenalin junkies eager to engage in land and water sports. The snow covered peaks are perfect for popular adventure sports in Himachal Pradesh, such as Trekking, Angling and Paragliding. Enjoy skiing and trekking! While the breathtaking landscape makes for a romantic setting, it also presents some thrilling opportunities for heli-skiing, biking, angling or water rafting on the River.