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Why Hanoi makes a good choice?

Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, is the second biggest city in the country.
It is an interesting mix of the East and the West with noticeable traces of the communist influence as well as the French invasion. The country's capital is a burgeoning economic center that still clings strongly to traditional culture, managing to be a showcase of both old and modern Vietnam.

Best time to visit Hanoi

Autumn (around September to November) and Spring (March and April) are two best seasons to visit Hanoi when the weather is pleasant with milder temperatures. In winter, Hanoi is quite cold when the temperatures can fall below 10ºC (50ºF) and getting hotter in the summer averaging around 28-35ºC (82º-95ºF). April and May are generally great months to be in Hanoi weatherwise. The temperatures are consistently above 20 degrees Celsius.

Nature of Hanoi

Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam, it is a center of culture, politics, and tourism of Vietnam. Although being one of the two biggest and most important cities of Vietnam, Hanoi brings in its heart a lot of mystery waiting for tourists to discover, it’s not only a busy city with hustle lifestyle but also an ancient city with great historical depth, a cultural variety, a fantastic cuisine and of course friendly people with its unique architecture of Vietnam.

Adventure activities in Hanoi

Downtown Saigon also offers an array of fulfilling activities that are definitely well worth the time and effort. With a city plan almost tailor-made for exploring, you can opt for walking tours, join a cooking class, or even unwind with a pampering spa treatment or two. Also activities like Biking in Hanoi, Trekking in and around Hanoi, scuba diving, snorkelling, North Vietnam Countryside Bike and Boat Tour from Hanoi and Bamboo Boat Ride.