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Why Denmark makes a good choice?

Denmark remains very much a maritime nation, bordered by the Baltic and the North Sea.
No place in the country is more than an hour’s drive from its seashore, much of which is lined with beautiful sandy beaches.Scandinavia's "European" wing boasts glorious beaches, beautiful fairy-tale castles, lush forests, a temperate climate, friendly citizens, and a joie de vivre that's infectious.

Best time to visit Denmark

The best time to visit Denmark is May-Aug when the days are at their longest, temperatures are mild and the countryside is in full bloom. Spring and autumn are best for birdwatching on the west coast, with migrant species passing through. May and June are often mentioned in the same breath as the best time to go to Denmark. September is another best time to go to Denmark with ideal conditions for cyclists intending to make the most of the national cycle routes and surfers searching for the swells on Jutland’s west coast.

Why Denmark is still the most popular Honeymoon destination?

Denmark has everything to offer for a romantic trip, even also for a Honeymoon. Who does not find the Little Mermaid a true pleasure to see? You can enjoy the happiest people and the best city to live in. Featuring the capitals of Copenhagen, Oslo and Stockholm, as well as the Scandinavian fjords, mountains and waterfalls alsongside the hospitality and culture of the locals you will meet aling the way, spend time in charming Bergen, the only city in the world surrounded by 7 mountains and 7 fjords.

Adventure activities in Denmark

Denmark has so much more to offer the true adventure lover – everything from water skiing to jet skiing, kayaking and ziplining in dreamlike forest areas.These mines house beautiful underground museums and offer hundreds of kilometres of land to explore by hiking and trekking. Seal and porpoise watching. There are many seal colonies on rocks and small islands around the coast of Denmark, some of which you can visit by boat, Amber hunting, Caving, Fossil hunting, Mountain biking.