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Why Cyprus makes a good choice?

Cyprus is well known for its warm weather and scenic beaches.
This tiny island has a grand history. Coveted by empires across the centuries. Cyprus has archaeological sites, fine Byzantine churches, and monasteries and museums galore. It's also a wonderful place to go hiking, with an incredible wealth of unique flora and fauna.

Best time to visit Cyprus

The best season to visit Cyprus is from April to October. Pleasant weather in September and October, its time for hiker, cyclist or lover of nature, has got to be the spring, when skies are blue, the air is warm and balmy, the uplands are a luxuriant green, the streams and reservoirs are full of water, migrating birds fill the air and there are wild flowers everywhere. The very warmest time to visit Cyprus, the hottest months are August, July, and then September.

Why Cyprus is still the most popular Honeymoon destination?

Cyprus is a picturesque island nation lapped by the sparkling azure waters of the Eastern Mediterranean Sea. The golden hues of the sun, the azure of the sea and the amorous verdant landscape make Limassol, the most romantic honeymoon in all of Cyprus. The landscape is composed of pine-shrouded mountains, lush vineyards, valleys and pristine beaches, with its hot dry summers and wet, cool winters.

Adventure activities in Cyprus

Cyprus might be better known for its beaches, but there is actually an array of outdoor activities to enjoy. It offers activities like Cycling, Rock climbing, Hiking, Horse riding, Skiing, Golf, Camping, Sailing, Scuba diving and Windsurfing. Cyprus is the perfect place for diving with its warm and clear sea. The warm temperatures make it one of the longest diving seasons in the Mediterranean. It is a biker’s paradise and cycling can be enjoyed almost throughout the year.