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Why Angriya Cruises makes a good choice?

With restaurants, swimming pool, cosy rooms, and open decks that promise a stunning and serene view, here’s an island that moves with you. Music & dance (discotheque), pool, spa, reading & recreation room, picture gallery, films of interest are options available. Angriya has on-board spa therapies too, so you can refresh your being, relax your mind and body with on-deck pampering.

Angriya Cruises Restaurants

Indulge in the best of mouth-watering Konkan delights, complimented by Continental, Italian, and Chinese cuisines at our restaurants as you savour stunning views of the sea. From the ambience to the variety of food, every detail will make you fall in love with it! Watch the waves, dig into your favourite dessert, and taste the feeling of wow on Angriya.

Angriya Cruises Spa

Imagine getting yourself pampered as the sea welcomes you into its arms. The soothing breeze, the salty air, and the rippling waters are sure to wash off every worry from your mind. You will have complete relaxation planned on-board and at "Dry Dock Spa". Angriya has on-board spa therapies too, so you can refresh your being, relax your mind and body.

Angriya Cruises Infinity Pool

With the blue sky above you, take a dip into the beautiful infinity pool as the cruise takes you on Coasts. There can be nothing as spectacular as immersing yourself in the depth of serenity here. This plunge pool on a cruise liner with a breathtaking view of the ship's wake. Take a dip here at dusk, just before the sun sets on the horizon and feel complete bliss.