I have never heard about tket.in

True. We're a super small startup based out of Bangalore. Team size of 3 Comprising of students and young entrepreneurs. With a lot of industry support and mentors. We don't have marketing budgets. We don't have fancy offices. We're just making the best of the opportunity we have. Eventually every traveller will know us. That's the goal.

What are the payment modes?

Customers can pay through Credit card, Debit card ,Net Banking, Wallets, Gift Cards and Cash. All through our partner payment gateways

Cash is king in India. We work on a very unique model wherein you could book flights using cash. Get in touch to find out more.

Is my payment safe?

Yes, 100%. We intentionally route your payments through India's most popular payment gateways - Payumoney, Paytm, Razorpay and CCAvenue , they hold on to your money for 3 days before we get the money. We deliver the tickets before we even get the money.

No offers? No discounts?

Hahaha. Well if you're a single guest, we're sure you may find a good deal on one of the sites. But if it's a two-way trip or more than one passenger, we are certain we can better most offers.

And with our upcoming module we promise you to save you more money than ever, more importantly - TIME.

Why is the site so slow?

Brilliant Question. The Answer is "We genuinely fetch airfares from Airlines the moment you ask for it. Unlike others who just show you the last fetched results(Last Refreshed), And only check it on the payment page. This is almost illegal and scammy practice done by almost all OTAs."

The fact that they compare incorrect data and show you false results, you tell us what's better faster fake results or genuine accurate results.

I'm still not convinced.

Get in touch with us. You'll be speaking to the decision makers directly. No long hold times and whinny IVR. You'll probably speak the founder and get things done instantly.

How to make group bookings?

If you're a group of 5/7/10(Airlines Specific) or more. Get in touch with our team. They will assist you with our special zero commission group fares.

How to book a flight with only single name?

Missing last name or first name could be trick. Each airline has their own rules. For domestic airlines in India - Use your title as the first name and name as the last name or you could repeat the name for both first and last names. For International - Alwauys consult the airlines directly - Twitter could be used to resolve faster.

how do I write my middle name?

For International - Book as per your passport.
For domestic - Write your middle name along with your first name without spaces.

I have some suggestions to improve tket.in

Amazing. Please get in touch with us via email and we could have a quick call soon. Thanks in advance

Should I wait for flight rates to fall?

If anyone could predict they could be billionaires. You can only make smart educated guesses which are not guaranteed. Waiting for price drops in the last few days of a flight is not a great idea. If you have more than 3 weeks then look at the average prices of various flights and take a guess. If you're booking for peak dates - Book as early as possible. If it's general dates - Don't book too early.