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Why Colombia makes a good choice?

Colombia is full of unique and wonderful landscapes.
Its Caribbean beaches, Pacific coast, Amazon rainforest, Andes mountain range and desert plains. Encounter snow-capped Andean peaks, tropical Amazonian jungles, turquoise Caribbean coasts, and two sun-kissed deserts. Boasting everything from beaches to mountains to swamps surrounding the Amazon River, Colombia truly has it all.

Best time to visit Colombia

Colombia has the distinctive benefit of being a genuine year-round destination – although there are wet and dry seasons throughout the year. The best time for the country as a whole is between December and March as it rains the least during these months, especially in the Andean regions. This is Colombia's peak tourist season and prices soar. In the Andean region there are two dry and two wet seasons per year, and the driest months, being from December to March and July to August.

Why Colombia is still the most popular Honeymoon destination?

Colombia is the ideal destination for a romantic honeymoon, with its breathtaking landscapes, luxury boutique hotel and resorts. There is a honeymoon destination to suit all tastes; white sandy Caribbean beaches, Pacific coast wildlife and jungle, mountainous cosy houses, hot savannah plains, beautiful countryside, the Amazon rainforest, modern cities and activities for adventurers.

Adventure activities in Colombia

Repelling down waterfalls, rafting turbulent rivers, paragliding over cities and navigating steep trails on a mountain bike are just a few of the epic adventures you can have in Colombia. Throw in diving, trekking, kiteboarding and bungee jumping and you have a full plate of adrenaline-fueled options. San Gil has gained a reputation as the epicenter for adventure. Medellin also has a range of activities, including mountain biking, paragliding, and rafting.