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Why Belgium makes a good choice ?

Belgium may be small but it's packed full of sights.
Bruges is the major highlight here with its perfectly-preserved medieval streets rimming tranquil canals that lure flocks of travelers each year. This small nation has been right at the forefront of Europe's history with many of the continent's most important events played out across its countryside.

Best time to visit Belgium

Belgium enjoys a fairly standard temperate climate, with warm – if mild – summers and moderately cold winters. Rain is always a possibility, though you can expect a greater degree of precipitation in the Ardennes and upland regions than on the northern plains. The cities of Belgium are all-year tourist destinations, though you might think twice about visiting Bruges, the region’s most popular spot, during August, when things get mighty crowded.

Why Belgium is still the most popular Honeymoon destination?

There is simply so much to do and experience in this country – from history to nature, adventure to culinary journeys, Belgium has a lot to offer. For couples who are interested in history, a vacation in Belgium would prove to be just perfect. There are still plenty of buildings standing in this country, which were built during the Middle Ages. A romantic getaway is often associated with long walks in lovely gardens or along the gentle tides of the sea.

Adventure activities in Belgium

Belgium is a small country, but it is full of unique and wonderful activities. Even though the weather in Belgium is not always compatible with outdoor activities, on the rare occasion when the sun is shining, this country offers many activities that adults will enjoy as much as children. Ride A Cuistax By The Seaside, Parachuting, rock climbing, tree climbing. s characterised by hilly landscape, plunging valleys, primal Ardennes forests, which, in the ancient times.