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Why Belarus makes a good choice?

Belarus city that shows this is its architecture, with parts of Brest quite Polish in character.
It is a country with a long history as is to be discovered in many of its old buildings including churches, castles and even urban dwellings while on a Belarus vacation. The capital, Minsk, offers many of these together with a collection of interesting art galleries and museums plus a main boulevard.

Best time to visit Belarus

Best time to visit Belarus is Sept-Oct, Temperature starts dipping after August but you will be able to avoid rainfall if you visit during this period. In the month of June-August, In this period, temperatures remain tolerable but monsoon sets in. This is when most tourists prefer to visit Belarus. In the month Nov-Feb, In the last and first couple of months, temperatures hover below freezing point in Belarus. Snowfall is common during this time.

Why Belarus is still the most popular Honeymoon destination?

Belarus is a country in Europe characterized by lush green valleys and picturesque mountain ranges. It is a fascinating destination which is sure to both delight and entertain couples visiting here. Visit the major sightseeing spots, galleries, museums, historical monuments and many more. Find the mysterious and awe-inspiring Churches in various cities and legends and are surely one of the most memorable and special thing that a newlywed can experience.

Adventure activities in Belarus

Belarus offer many great opportunities to take part in outdoor pursuits: hunting, fishing and skiing are just some of the adventure sports you can try. The country is one of the last undiscovered destinations in Europe and the Belarus landscape and climate make it ideal for a number of outdoor pursuits including: hunting, fishing, skiing & hiking. With natural vegetation including forests, swamps and farmland covering 70% of the land in Belarus, the region is an ideal destination for hunting fans.