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Why Albania makes a good choice?

Tirana, the capital of Albania, is a vibrant and unique destination.
Albania has something for everyone. Choose from inviting cities, beautiful mountains and coastline. Travellers in Albania will love visiting the stunning beaches of Ksamil. They are the perfect place to unwind. Albania, is a small country of Eastern Europe with spectacular coastal vicinity to the Adriatic Ocean and Ionian Sea along the Balkan peninsula. Albania is also home to interesting archaeological sites, alpine landscape, medieval castles and charming towns.

Best time to visit Albania

The best time to go to Albania is spring, early summer and early autumn. Late June into July and August are fiendishly hot along the coast and inland – and these peak holiday months will also see the popular coastal hub of Saranda packed with Albanians escaping Tirana, and tourists heading over on daytrips from Corfu. April, May and early June are some of the best months to go to Albania, with great weather for walking and cycling – and you can still make the most of the Mediterranean beaches.

Why Albania is still the most popular Honeymoon destination?

One of Albania’s greatest natural gifts is its diverse and fascinating coastline, faces the azure expanse of the Adriatic and the southern part faces the equally stunning Ionian sea. Albania sits bathed in sunshine, surrounded by Montenegro, Serbia, Macedonia and Greece. The Northern, Adriatic coastline is lined with pristine sandy beaches, shallow seas and scattered pine forests, whilst the Southern, Ionian coast is more rocky and Mediterranean in appearance, with deep, gin-clear waters.

Adventure activities in Albania

In a mountainous country with a long coastline, the main attractions are pretty obvious – there are some delightful places to swim along the Ionian coast, while the most accessible hiking. More adventurous activities are thin on the ground, with a monopoly of sorts held by Outdoor Albania like ski-shoeing trips, rafting and paragliding. Tirana to the village of Pellumbas from where will start walking towards the cave. The view from the trail is spectacular, with the mountainside dropping down into the canyon of Erzeni River.